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The Winnipeg River was used as a primary water route for early explorers.

In 1950, local residents (Homer Wilcott and Ray Wilson) built parts of the primitive main lodge (kitchen and dining room) you see today. It's location is built on top of original foundation that was used during the North West Fur Trade. It is safe to say that guests enjoy dinner in the exact location furs were traded 200 to 300 years ago. A team of horses were brought in over ice to assist in moving logs and gravel used for construction. The site was chosen for its ideal panoramic location and history of past inhabitants.

Coins dating back to the 1800's, imported vine for rope and flint rock have been found on the property. Eagle Nest has shared its natural beauty with occupants for the past 5000 years or more. Arrowheads and pottery have been found in the surrounding area dating as far back as 3000 BC.

Metro Pedruchny maintained a trapline on the Winnipeg River since the early 1930's and had an interest in becoming a permanent resident of the Pointe du Bois area. Application was put in to the Province to build a resort where Eagle Nest Landing (our drive to resort) is now. The proposal was rejected and as an alternative, in 1965, Metro and Ruth Pedruchny were able to purchase Eagle Nest Lodge. Accommodations and facilities were minimal, with a maximum capacity of 8 and just a few buildings on site. Operating as a family business, along with upgrading and making small improvements annually, proved to be a successful formula for the health and longevity of Eagle Nest today.

Fred & Jo-Anne Pedruchny bought Eagle Nest Lodge in 1975 and continued to make changes. It was their vision and expansion plan to offer American Plan Packages, making it easy for visitors to enjoy everything that is offered in the area. There was no shortage of projects embraced and tackled each year by the 20+ individuals Eagle Nest employs each year. All three kids (Lindsay, Jessica and James) were involved in the family business from very young and continue to support its longevity.

Jessica Jackson (Pedruchny) along with her husband Shaun Jackson and family are the face of Eagle Nest today. Much effort on their part has been spent upgrading the facility and amenities to include added comforts from home. Upgrades to the facility along with fine dining, fly in/out options, turn key packages and an overall sense of greater professionalism has been their focus. These changes have attracted corporate groups and an increased number of women and families.

Today Eagle Nest Lodge is a first class fly/boat fishing destination that offers memorable fishing trips for 3 generations. 

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