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Smallmouth Bass

Eagle Nest Lodge offers World Class Smallmouth Bass fishing.

Our peak season is late May through to mid June as water temperatures reach and exceed 60 degrees. A medium Spinning or Baitcasting combo, equipped with 10-20 pound test will be the most versatile Bass fishing rig. Lures to use include Tube jigs (gitzits), Flukes, X-raps, Tail Dancers, Skitter pops, Jitterbugs, size 3 Mepps, Shad Raps, and small Spinnerbaits.

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Northern Pike

The key to landing one over twenty pounds is the use of proper equipment.

During May and early June, many large Pike are caught using spoons such as the Williams Whitefish. Suspending crank baits work well as pike are lethargic and uneager to move quickly early on in the season. Once water temperatures in the bays begin to reach 70 degrees mid to late June, bigger pike will prefer much larger lures such as 10" Suicks, Believers, Musky Bucktails, MIG Spinnerbaits, Magnum Bulldawgs, and large top water lures. To throw these lures, our guides recommend the use of a 7 to 8 foot medium-heavy Musky Series baitcaster equipped with 50-80 pound Power Pro. Power Pro is one of the best lines available and has an extremely thin diameter. To ensure a positive experience, we offer Power Pro as well as a variety of lures mentioned above in our tackle shop. It is essential to use a leader for Pike. Many Musky shops offer state of the art fluorocarbon and monofilament leaders of 100-180 pound test. Heavy steel and titanium wire leaders at least 12 inches long will also stand up to a Pike's sharp teeth.

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Walleye prefer much smaller, slower moving baits than Northern Pike.

Jigging vertically is a widely used technique on the Winnipeg River system. Our walleyes are caught on medium or medium-light spinning rods equipped 1/4 or 3/8 ounce jigs tipped with frozen minnows, Gulp, or (leaches until mid July). Crankbaits such as 6" Reef Runners, 3 inch Rapala Shad Raps, and Rapala Tail Dancers are excellent walleye lures for our late season. Fish with these in shallow waters to hook into a record catch. Bottom bouncers with Spinner rigs is another excellent option.

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Eagle Nest Lodge - Fishing Resort - Manitoba, Canada

We are OPENING for the 2020 Fishing Season. RELAX, UNWIND, FISH. The kind of vacation everyone needs as we navigate through these difficult times.

I would like to send quick note out to our guests and staff of 2020. As we all know, COVID -19 has affected our day to day lives. Better times are ahead for us all. While the world remains uncertain, it our intention to open Eagle Nest Lodge as scheduled, and be ready to welcome another fishing season.

Since November, I have been working diligently to prepare for the 2020 season. New boats and supplies have been ordered, jobs are prioritized, employees are in place and I have reached out to past, current and potential guests regarding a fishing trip.

In 2020, along with the scheduled camp upgrades, Eagle Nest will be reviewing its' health and safety protocols to ensure we are current and doing the upmost for guest and employee wellbeing. It is a priority that our guests remain happy and comfortable while enjoying "time away" in an untouched, peaceful, safe, remote environment.

As of today, the CAN/US border is closed but we are optimistic about its' reopening. We want guests to know that their trip will not be lost if travel restrictions remain in place. Should timelines be a concern, scheduling dates later in the season is a welcomed option. Full deposits will be carried forward to use on 2021 trip if traveling to Canada is not possible. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your trip.

Our world is changing everyday. One thing that remains the same is the unrivaled experience we offer at Eagle Nest. More then ever, I look forward to the upcoming season to reconnect in place we go to forget about the "real world" so that we can relax, fish and unwind. There is no better destination that gets you "off the grid".

Thank you for your continued support throughout the years. I will continue to monitor current travel suggestions and be in touch as timelines near. We are all in this together.

Keep safe, healthy and stay positive!